Our complete mailing services facility simplifies distribution with:

  • Cheshire label and inkjet mailing options
  • In-line and off-line mailing options
  • Complete mail list maintenance and fulfillment
  • On-site postal inspection and USPS pickup

Our strategic location in the center of the country makes your mailing zones more efficient, saving you money.

List Processing

The most important aspect of a successful mailing is the quality and accuracy of the list. At DP&L, our expert mailing staff uses industry leading software to carefully process our customers’ lists and ensure proper delivery. Lists are presorted to bypass needless sorting steps in USPS’s mail stream and CASS encoded to meet automation-rate requirements. To further enhance mailings, customers can request additional services like NCOA Link® and duplicate removal.

Labeling & Inkjetting

Democrat Printing provides both labeling and inkjetting services for a variety of our customers’ mailing needs. Mail lists can be conveniently printed onsite with paper stock, or mailing data can be inkjetted directly onto books along with personalized addressing.

Full Service Mailing

By taking advantage of USPS’s Full Service Mailing options, our customers can maximize postal discounts & increase the return on their marketing investment. Our mailing staff uses bar-coding, digital postal documents & drop shipping to optimize compatibility with automated equipment and carry it past local processing. The result is a consistent mailing procedure that saves our customers both mailing time and postal costs.

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